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August 31, 2009



My father-in-law made me a stamp pad holder out of wood so I store my inks by color family that way. There is even a row where I store the neutral and in-colors! It is so handy! He also made me an 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock shelf. It doesn't have quite enough slots, but I keep all the same colors together ie blues, greens, reds...I love it!

Kim S.

It's not fancy, but I organize my scraps of cardstock using gallon size zip lock baggies! I used to have a plastic shoe box for little pieces but it was hard to find the right color! Now, my bags are labeled and I find I use my paper more efficiently!

Linda Callahan

Wow - beautiful stuff Kris! I keep my stamp pads in a cream colored wooden CD cabinet. It has a door that closes and spaces on the front to slide in 4 pictures - I put in card fronts instead!

Melissa Young

I love to organize!

I keep my ink pads in a wooden spinner my husband made me. It holds 70 ink pads and has tons of room on top for reinkers!

I keep all my papers in upright cropper hopper folders and my scraps are kept with the same color card stock in page protectors. That way I consult my scraps before I cut a big pc of cardstock.

One day I will get all the pigment pads and the spinner to go with! It's on my ever-growing wish list!

CJ Max

Well.....I just recently organized all my ribbon into plastic clear containers by color. It was something I really, really needed to do because I had soooo much ribbon hiding in different places I forgot what I owned. I also purchased a little shelf unit with a pegboard back from my LSS that just closed and now I can hang all my embellishments, stamps and nesties.....so much easier to find stuff.

Joanna Young

I use spice jars to store all my buttons. They are organized by color families and it not only makes them easy to see and access but adds some charming decor to my workspace.


I use ELFA wire drawers for some of my accessories. On top of them, is a literature rack for holding my card stock and scraps (in Zip-lock bags). I am looking forward to other ideas here in your comments so I can complete my organization.

Kelli Fletcher

Right now I am a big fan of baskets, ziplocks and small stackable crates. Since I am a new demos, I hope to graduate towards a more sophisticated organization system once my business increases.

BTW - Thanks for the great BLOG! I look forward to reading it every day.

Jan B.

I use a shoe bag over the door organizer for all my punches. The pouches are webbed so I can easily identify the punch.

karol Harris

I am an organizer by heart but I have not yet reached a true organized way to store my stampin' products. I did purchase a six drawer cart which I use the 6 drawers for different items. I also boght 2 rubbermaid see through plastic containers to hold my stamp sets and I have printed and assemble a book of all the stamps I have (because I forget). I have another card index box which I store my punches in and my paper, well that sits on top of my 6-drawer cart.

Sandra Hansen

I organize my cardstock/papers within hanging files (12x12 ones) - all colors are kept together and a smaller folder file within for the 8.5x11 cardstock. I also have my printed papers by then along with any other embleishments that go into that theme so I don't forget that I have them and I get to use them. It's been wonderful for me.

Claire Ventre

Well, the best thing I ever did to organize was to put my punches on IKEA towel bars (201.157.45. They are 23-1/2" long and hold 7 large punches easily. I also use the small magnetic towel bar (I think this one is mostly used for knives - you just stick the knives to the bar) for my small punches:) I love that I can see all my punches at a glance and can organize them by size and shape:)

Blythe Klipple

When we moved to our 'cabin' permanently, and my son graduated from college and got married, my husband and I took over his bedroom over the garage and built very esoteric cupboards designed to fit under the eaves (covered roomy dead space between the sloping roof and walls). The interior of each was painted with a different left over paint. We placed movable shelves inside each one. These cupboards house 1-current stamp sets; 2-hostess and mini catalog stamp sets; 3-retired alphabet and word sets; 4-stamp sets I can't get rid of; 5-supplies for projects (tins, coasters, lunch bags). From a solid wall to a viable storage space makes great sense for my stampin' space. ~Blythe


Besides using the Stampin' Up! ink pads Color Caddy, I have 2 wooden cassette holders, hanging on my wall, to hold the other many varied ink pads that I own. They are at hand & easy to see & retrieve.

Patti MacLeith

Hi Kris! Love the giveaway--you are too nice! I love my SU ink caddy, too, and am about to buy a second one! I have almost enough ink pads to fill half of a new one. I think it's the best way to store the inks, as the caddy is circular, so doesn't take up a lot of room on my desk. The second one will have severals years of In Color inks and my very useful neutral inks on it.

kathy amstutz

A giveaway; wonderful! I've organized my Nestabilities on the wall. I hung magnetic strips on the wall next to my work table; all my Nesties are in baggies by set then they cling to the magnetic strip. They're all organized and I can readily see them. Very handy!

Lauren Y.

Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL organizing set!

I have all my cardstock scrap/small/leftover pieces in plastic sandwich bags that labeled with the name of each color, and place all the bags in a shoe box. There are deviders for 4 color families, plus neutrals & in-colors. It makes finding scrap pieces really easy.

Liz Hughes

Wow Kris-great blog candy!

I organize all of my embellishments, embossing powders and glitter in a stainless steel spice rack that holds 48 jars that have all been labeled with my P-touch label maker. Everything is easy to find because it’s stored by type and in alphabetical order. When I need something I just grab it and the rest stay in the rack and out of the way – leaving me room to create! The spice rack matches all of the other stainless steel accessories that I have in my "studio"


I have a five-drawer plastic rolling cart -- 2 drawers hold my punches and the other 3 drawers hold projects I am working on. It helps keep things in order.


I store your $1 stamps from Michaels or AC Moore in a trading card holder in a binder that you can get from Staples.


Wow! How cool!

I organize my ribbon on old wire hangers. I had my husband use wire cutters on one end and then we used a plastic "joiner" for holding the wire together??? Not sure what the technical name is but basically it allows me to take spools off the wire hanger and put them back easily. Then I have all the hangers hanging in my craft room closet. When I need some ribbon I can easily see what I have and pull some ribbon right off the hanger!


I have towel bars on the wall to hold all of my punches. I purchased on e-bay a stamp pad holder to mount on the wall to hold all of my stamp pads in it holds about 80. I also built a ribbon rack with peg board, dowls and 2x4s to mount on the wall to hold all of my ribbon. I love being organized. Thanks for the chance to win!



I love the organization stuff you are giving away. I have never heard of the company but after I saw it, I was hooked!

One of my favorite organizing accessories in my craft room is my ribbon storage. My husband bought a section of white plastic gutter and cut it into four pieces, each about 28" long (which fits the area on my wall perfectly). It was then attached to the wall using the plastic gutter clips. My ribbon stands in the gutters and can be arranged by color, size, etc. I love it because it holds a lot and I can see exactly what I have. The entire piece of gutter (and clips) was less than $10.00.


One of my most-used organizational ideas in my craft hutch are the inexpensive mini stacked drawers. I use them to sort scissors, punches, rivets, ribbon, etc. I even have one for die cuts in various colors. This one is sorted by color, so if I'm looking for something in a particular shade, I can go right to it.

Love your organizing ideas! Crafting is addicting.

Ann Schach

Hi, Kris! I use the SU! Color Caddy for inks, the Ribbon Keepers for ribbon, and the Stack and Store for embellishments. To store my stamp sets and other large supplies, I have a beautiful primitive wardrobe/linen press. Paper is kept on metal shelves, similar to what you would find in a scrapbook store. I keep my Big Shot and my paper cutter out on top of a primitive antique child's desk.


I store my clear stamps in lg clear plastic DVD cases so I can see what I have at once.

Annette Pagnusat

Hi Kris and fellow PAL! My favorite new organizer is a spice rack holder, hard to describe but it's like a bunch of x's on an angle that create little pencil cup storage units. Hubby put a wood back on it and legs so it rests flat on a table but the cuppy sections are tilted up on an agele. I have sorted all my copics by color families, and I love it!

Martha Stewart

Hi Kris,
The best thing I did this year was to organize my scrap paper. I just took gallon bags, labeled them with the color catagory, DSP, Pieces/Parts and sorted them. They sit in a file crate at my feet. I'm definately making better use of my scraps and therefor a better steward of my money.
My next thing to do is make a "Mary Fish" book (I think she calls it her bible) for all the stamp sets I have. I think that will be a great organizing tool as well.
Thanks for the contest!!

Sheila Weber

Hi Kris,
I use a tool box by Plano to organize all my little embellishments in compartmented rectangle boxes like my small punches, my embossing powder, glitter and lots of other smaller items. The top has a large space for my cleaning pad, Stampin Spots and just about anything I will need at a workshop or class. I love it.


Oye, the more I collect the more I TRY to organize and reorganize. I use the SU Color Caddy for my inks and the Stack and Store for my embellies. Papers are kept in 12x12 and 8-1/2x11 Cropper Hoppers that are kept on wire shelves from IKEA. I also have plastic folders that contain all my scraps per color. I think organizing is as addicting as stamping LOL. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize :)

Caryl P

I'm not very organized (but trying) so PICK ME!!! I bought a 4 shelf organizer recently and on each shelf I have my SU color families. Though I don't have the room or $ to seperate each color I at least know where to look for just the right shade of green.


I try to keep all my ribbon organized by using ribbon organizers including Stampin' Up; Craft Mates and the Crop n' Style ones from Michael's. The ribbon is neatly stored and looks pretty too!

Roberta Smith

i use an old kid toy organizer for my stamp sets and accessories. I don't have too many but expected to grow out of my toy storage very soon. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!


I use the Color Caddy - two of them, because I have all the old "In Colors" and some Craft inks too! I use the Stack'n'Store (two of them too!), but my biggest tip is something that my stamping friends just drool over, and it's cheap and easy! I use a Photo Box to organize 1/4 sheets of cardstock (the photo boxes can be found at a craft store, or use the SU Forget-Me-Not Keeper). I use the dividers that come with it for Whites, Vanillas, Neutrals (Black, Basic Grey, Sahara Sand, etc), Bold Brights, Soft Subtles, Rich Regals, Earth Elements, In Colors and Specialty (for glossy, vellum and metallic). Then I use my heavy-duty paper cutter to cut 3-4 sheets of each color (more of most-used colors) into quarters.

I have this box on my stamping table and that's what I use for my layers - I just trim off the 1/4" or 1/2" or whatever. I have all the colors pre-cut in quarter sheet size right at my fingertips at all times! Within each color family, it is easy to tell which color is which. But if they weren't in their color family, it might be hard to tell certain colors from other ones.

When I'm cutting my quarter sheets, I also cut a couple extra sheets that I leave in half sheet size. I put these in file folders in my file cabinet, one folder for each color family (again, easy to tell which color when it's in its color family). So when it's time to make a card, I don't have cut a whole sheet of cardstock. I go right to the In Color half-sheet file folder, for example, fold and score the card base, then reach for a quarter-sheet from my box and trim off the 1/4" off two sides for the next layer, and then grab a quarter sheet of Whisper White and trim 1/2" off two sides for my focal point layer!

I also keep at least one full pack of cardstock in each color. Each color has its own hanging file folder, and I keep them within their color family. Then for scraps, I toss them into a plastic box as I'm in creation mode, and when I have time, I sort them and put them in their one quart OneZip bag that I keep for each color (again, according to color families). So when I have people over to stamp, and we're punching out shapes, I just grab my OneZip baggie of whatever color and we use up those scraps as we punch the shapes for the cards!

This works for me!!!


Hi Kris! Amazing Blog Candy! My favorite organizational item are regular old magazine holders. I collect magazines like crazy for inspiration and I use plain old magazine holders that I decorate to make pretty and then everything is right there when I need a little dose of creativity!

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