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July 27, 2009



Adorable card and how sweet your little guy looks with your card in hand!

My little one still naps on the weekend for 1-2 hours. That is "me" time! Otherwise after he is in bed and then I'm tired! It's tough to be a working mom!!!

Gina Shaw

Sorry to hear Devlin got hurt, but glad to see he was so cheered up by your card! Adorable card! Devlin looks just like you. You both have that sensational smile!

Carla Bazhenow

How sweet. Your card is gorgeous and so is your son. *smile*

Melissa Young

What a cutie...looks like his mommy!

Mommy time comes when I put both in front of a movie..sometimes. When the oldest is in school and the youngest in preschool, I get some mommy time! Summer is harder, tho!

Ann Schach

Sweet card, Kris! You always make such sweet cards! As the working mom of a nearly twenty-year-old, I am still looking for "me" time. Does it really exist?


Ahh mommy, you are too sweet! Anything to stop tears, right? Great card and it looks like he truly appreciates mommys wonderful talent!

Linda Callahan

OK I just broke down and ordered the spiral punch after seeing everything you have been doing with it! Your little guy is adorable - at that age even skinned knees are cute (after the crying stops of course)!

Anita A

Sorry to hear that Devin fell. I hope his knees heal quickly. Your card is so cute.

kathy amstutz

What a happy face your son had after opening your card; joyful is the word that comes to mind! He looks just like you [I bet you hear that alot]. Me time? That's easy; I live alone!

Mary Fish

Devlin's pix looks so much like your own. How fun! I'm sure your card helped the healing process significantly. I love it. I have this paper coming as part of my paper swap.




Hey Kris! Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog :D And I was just reading a little here and I SO wish I had extra money to buy some of this stuff! I would go nuts LOL Not like I have time but it would be fun to do a little something after Nic is sleeping. Devlin is looking even bigger then the last time we saw him. It's just amazing how fast they grow. I remember seeing Stefan at this same age :( Now he's gone to college. Enjoy him while you can! I'm SO happy I have Nic here yet to enjoy.


i didn't think much of storybook specialty until i saw your card. i love the patterns... cute pics of devlin - i'm sure you've heard this before, but he looks just like you!


Awww.... what a sweet idea to give him a card! Mine is still to young (2 yr old- he would rip it up and eat it!) but I am saving the idea for later! Hope he feels better!

Love your use of the DSP and the color combo you chose is awesome!

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